CannaSafety is dedicated to producing the most advanced CBD-based wellness products in the market.  In a world dominated by high-caffeine + high-sugar energy drinks, and potent cannabis strains, we pride ourselves on innovating healthy and effective products using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients available.

The importance of being fully compliant with local and federal laws and restrictions has always been a priority - we only source our CBD from US Farm Bill Compliant Industrial Hemp Seed with 0.0% THC as opposed to 'Full Spectrum CBD' which contains trace amounts of THC which remains illegal in many US states and causes drug test failures.



The genesis of the company is founded on promoting responsibility and safety in the fast-growing cannabis space. While most are focused on different THC delivery mechanisms, potency and beer infusions, CannaSafety was, and continues to be, one of the only companies researching and delivering products to provide a safe way to manage its effects.


In 2017 we introduced CannaRelief™ "The World's First Cannabis Antidote" - a patent-pending formula proven to be effective in managing the effects of THC.


During our extensive research in creating CannaRelief, we also created a formula that serves as a daily, lifestyle product that clears your mind by getting rid of 'brain fog' while also managing daily stress, inflammation as well as other chronic pain symptoms. In 2018 we launched LUCID - Clear Your Mind™

Unlike the clutter of CBD oil-based products available on the market today, CannaSafety utilizes a proprietary ISO-lab tested 99.7% pure, water-soluble version that is more easily absorbed by the body. 

CannaSafety has always prioritized full compliance with all local and federal regulations, making all of our products legal for sale in the US in all 50 states and Canada. We maintain a close relationship with local and federal lawmakers to ensure we remain fully compliant. 

We only source our CBD from U.S. Farm Bill Compliant Industrial Hemp Seed with 0.0% THC, as opposed to 'Full Spectrum CBD' which contains trace amounts of THC and remains illegal in many U.S. states.

While the FDA does not currently have a CBD approval system in the U.S., all of CannaSafety’s production facilities and ingredients are FDA approved.

CannaSafety was progressive and visionary in securing Health Canada (FDA-equivalent) approvals for our products prior to Canadian federal legalization, giving us foundational status in the Canadian market.  



At CannaSafety, we believe that as access to cannabis increases, so must the access to information and high-management tools. During our research, we found that our proprietary formula could be modified to produce additional wellness products that help manage daily stress, inflammation, chronic pain, and more.

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 CannaRelief is the World’s First Cannabis "Antidote" that helps you manage your high. Our patent-pending, scientifically engineered formula was designed to help manage or alleviate the effects of cannabis and works within 10-15 minutes for most people. 

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LUCID’s scientifically engineered formula readies the brain for optimal performance at work, school, and athletics, when it really counts. Drinking LUCID can help ease your mind, allowing it reduce stress, relieve anxiety and create focus.



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